Strong Is The New Pretty.

All my life, everyone told me how pretty I looked or how nice my appearance was.

I know they meant well, thinking they were paying me a genuine compliment, but that’s not who I am.

Sure, I like to take care of myself, but how I look doesn’t define me.

Not even close.

Who I am has nothing to do with how pretty my face is or how attractive I am.

I’m much more than looks, curves or makeup.

I’m strong, beautiful and passionate and my best qualities aren’t the ones the world likes to fixate on.

I’m not trying to impress anyone or dress up to be arm candy.

So, all the people that are trying to judge me for how I look or what I’m wearing, they’re never going to be my people.

The ones close to my heart care about the things that really matter: My soul, my heart and my mind.

Any man that comes knocking on my door thinking that my face is the most important thing, well, he can find another door.

I’m not interested in superficial, fake or pretend friends that don’t have my best interests at heart.

Give me the passionate, strong willed and deep people every time….that’s who I belong with, not the rest of these folks concerned with who looks beautiful wearing what outfit.

You can keep your glamor, your glitz and your pretty.

I’m real, authentic and genuine.

I’m exactly what I set out to be all along.

After all, in my world…strong is the new pretty.