Hugs From Behind.

There’s just something special about when I wrap my arms around you from behind, a myriad of feelings sweep over me that words fail to convey.

The warmth of your body pressed to mine, our hearts beating in unison..well, that’s just the start.
Perhaps it’s all the things that your embrace tells me without saying a word.

Your arms tell me that you’re there for me, through good times and bad, no matter what comes our way.

I just feel safe in those moments when I’m engrossed in you, your touch and scent seemingly make the world melt away as I drift off into all that is you.

You immersed into me, nuzzling me with delicate kisses as if the promises of your love are woven into each sweet touch.

The feeling of being completely lost in you is an experience unlike any other.

Your arms wrapped tightly about me, your skin pressed to mine, those are the moments that I’ll always treasure.

It’s those times when the serenity of the starry night has breathed its last gasp into the fading day that our love is limitless.

Two souls, unified into a singular consciousness that eclipses the realm of the ordinary, that is us in those moments.

Hugs from behind.

Something so simple that can set your soul on fire, make your heart race, yet all the while soothing your spirit and calming your mind.

That’s something I want from you…For the rest of our lives.