Misery Than Joy.

She sat down, and buried her face in her hands, fighting back tears, because she knew what she had to do, and it hurt worse than almost anything she could ever remember.

She loved him and had for so very long, but she had come to realize that sometimes, love alone just isn’t enough.

They had been through so much together, all the ups and downs that life can throw at you, so her heart was heavy with conflict.

It whispered to hold on, keep trying, but she was too far gone.

The joy of their love had long since faded and she couldn’t even remember why they were fighting to stay together, but she remembered the fights all too well.

His mean words and spiteful actions in the heat of the moment had taken a toll on her and she finally admitted the truth she had resisted for too long: She wasn’t happy anymore, and no amount of communication, effort and date nights could mend her heart that he had torn apart, piece by piece.

She knew he would never understand and that he would blame her with cold words and even hateful names, but she was resolute.

She’d always love him, but she was going to find her own way now, without him.

She couldn’t fix him, save him or change him, and she shouldn’t have had to, she knew it wouldn’t be easy, she’d miss him and it would hurt, but it was more important for her to be happy than to stay in a relationship that was more misery than joy.

It’s scary to take the first steps alone when you haven’t been by yourself in such a long time, but there was a sense of relief in her choice to step away.

Her heart, though conflicted, began to feel lighter. She noticed a feeling of a burden beginning to be lifted, and that’s when it all changed.

Her soul started to find the happiness again and her sense of self appreciation began to return.
It would be a long and arduous road, but she was finally ready.

Maybe she’d stumble a time or two and maybe even shed a few tears along the way, but she was finally free to love herself and choose what mattered most every day: Herself and her happiness.

She’d been through the rain, now it was time for her rainbow, and she couldn’t help but smile.

She deserved everything, starting with her new self…beautiful, strong and free.