Walking Thru Fires Of Life.

I know you feel a little lost lately.

Maybe you don’t know how to break out of the mood that’s weighing you down.

Perhaps you’re having a hard time finding your joy.

You want more, need more, but you don’t know where to start and you apologize too much for wanting to feel alive.

I realize you’ve had to do whatever it took to get you where you are today, but now, perhaps it’s time for you to remember the hopes and dreams you put on hold as life took charge.

The people around you may not see what you do and they’re not always going to understand your dreams and desires to become more and grow.

That’s okay, not everyone has to. Those that truly love you will stand beside you and encourage you in whatever you choose to pursue, and that’s all you need, that, and believing in yourself.

I know you’ve been beaten down, tired and lost a little of yourself along the way, well, it’s time for you to rediscover and redefine the person you’re meant to be.

No more excuses.

Stop the apologies.

Get rid of the procrastination.

You’re a beautiful soul capable of so much love, joy and happiness if you just begin to embrace all of you in a way that you haven’t for such a long time.

You’ve forgotten how to be happy.

You don’t know the way back to yourself.

But that little spark in you has been there all along, just waiting for you to awaken.

Step out in the light, promise yourself to turn the page and rekindle that fire that once burned so brightly inside of you, transform that spark into a roaring wildfire and let it fill your heart and excite your soul.

This is your story and it’s time that you start the chapter where you fall in love with being alive, every day.

You’ve walked through the fires of life.

Now become the flames that made you stronger.

Look up and smile, darling.

You got this.

What are you waiting for?