Warrior Spirit.

She made the choice a long time ago to never surrender to the problems and challenges that tried to bring her down.

She never set out to become strong, tough or brave, her story never gave her another option.

She’s always done whatever it takes to make it where she’s trying to go, but she’s never sold her soul or sacrificed her values to reach her goals.

She’s not perfect, and she gave up trying to be a long time ago.

She’s made her fair shares of mistakes, wrong turns and bad love choices, but that never dissuaded her from pressing forward.

She never asked “why me,” she just found a way through the struggles every time.

She’s more than just a simple woman, though you may not know that at first glance.

She’s a warrior spirit, with the soul of a dreamer and the heart of a lover…more than anything, she’s been searching for peace and love since the very beginning.

She’s always been that person that loves with all her heart…herself, her people, her life, and perhaps, one day, her “forever person,” when he shows up.

She’s never questioned the timing of life, she’s learned to do the hardest thing of all: Trust.
Herself, her heart, life’s timing…all the things that she should have stopped believing in so long ago, but never did.

She’s had her heart broken into a million pieces and she’s always been the one to pick up the pieces and put herself back together again..

Each time better and stronger than before.

She’s a complex person with simple needs and she’s never abandoned her desire to be happy in the things that matter.

She’s more than a survivor, though, some days, she felt like that was all she was doing.

Most importantly, she’s always kept her fire burning and kept her light shining brightly in her eye, always believing in herself throughout it all.

Maybe one day she’ll rest and take some time for herself, but that time isn’t now.

She still has much to do and an entire future full of possibilities, falling in love with being alive every day.

Strong, beautiful and free.

One day, she’ll be in love with herself and her life, finally at peace and content, perhaps, even more…and she can’t wait.