Dancing To Her Own Rhythm.

I tried for the longest time to fit in, trying to blend in with everyone else, the thing is, it didn’t take.

No matter how much I followed the crowd and did my best to be like the rest, I was still different.

I’m thankful for that.

I was never meant to be just another copy of everyone else, I am meant for so much more than that.

I’ve got big dreams, a loving heart and a passionately deep soul that yearns for more than just an ordinary life.

Every part of me screams for the things that are off the beaten path: The wild adventures to the unknown, the deep conversations that stir my soul, the belly laughs that make me cry with happiness.

I’m sure I could probably find some of that the normal way, but there’s never been anything normal about me, and there never will be.

I’m the one who stands out, speaks up and isn’t afraid to dance to her own rhythm.

Life’s too short to live unhappy, unfulfilled and empty.

I’m chasing my dreams, fighting for my future and immersing myself in the beautiful moments.

I’ve spent too long doing things I never should have in ways that weren’t me, so I’m changing the music, turning it up and setting fire to my life.

I know I’ll still stumble and fall.

I’ll lose my way and get frustrated.

I’m sure I’ll fail as much as I succeed, but I’ll be doing it my way, by my rules.

I’m not going to ask for permission, approval or acceptance.

I’m making my world what I should have long ago…happier, fun and authentic.

I don’t always know where I’m going, but the beauty of the journey isn’t in the destination.

I’ll lift my face to the sunshine, dance in the rain and live in the moments.

So, when you see me out there living my life to the fullest, just smile and join me.

I may be a little weird, a lot of wild, but I’m always loving, true and real.

In a world full of imitations and trends,
I’ll always be the one thing I love most about myself: Original and genuine.

It’s up to me to make my choices, and I’m choosing happiness, now and for always.