Broken Is Beautiful.

I know you thought I was down and out, but I guess you don’t really know me at all.

Yeah, I’m gonna get knocked down, dragged around and fall flat on my face sometimes, but that’s just part of life, and I never stay down.

Those flames that threaten to tear me apart every day don’t destroy me, they strengthen me.

The passion that roars in my blood is stoked by the fires that I’ve survived.

I’m more than a survivor, much more.
I’m a warrior with a heart of gold and courage of a hurricane.

I can’t be denied, stopped or turned away, I’m not wired that way.

No matter what it takes or how hard the climb is, I will always rise again…each time, better, wiser and stronger than before.

So, I know you thought you could destroy me with your actions and break me with your words, but it will be the last time you underestimate me.

I’m not like the others before me.

You can’t contain or tame the wildfire in my spirit or shackle the wild wind in my heart, I’m more than just a woman, I’m unstoppable in every way, every day, I just keep rising.

Maybe you thought you’d have the last laugh and my demise would be the ego boost you sought, but this is my notice to you: I don’t want you or anyone else in my life that will try to tear me apart.

I’ve already been broken more times than you will ever know, and I’m still here, standing defiantly against the world and the people who would see me fail.

I’ve been through the worst and yet, I’m still going stronger than ever.

I make broken look beautiful in a way you’ll never understand, and you don’t have to.

This is my life and my rules, so I’m doing what I do best.

Rising, evolving and getting stronger.

After all, broken girls evolve into the most unstoppable women.

And I didn’t just learn how to dance in the rain..I became the storm.