She Knows Her Worth.

She’s been down all the wrong roads, asked all the wrong people to love her and trusted the wrong partners with her heart.

The price she paid was more than simple heartbreak sometimes, it was more often became the deepest cracks in her soul that she carried with her.

Over time, she learned how to turn the pain into power and let go of the people in her life that tried to devalue her and make her doubt her worth.

You see, that woman with a gentle smile and brave heart has endured more anguish than most of us will ever know, yet, she still keeps going, keeps loving and keeps giving of herself when most would have stopped.

She hasn’t let poor choices and bad people change who she is except to make her stronger, wiser.

She’s no fool but she’s never going to let the pain make her stop loving with every bit of her heart either.

During the darkest times, in her lowest hours, she clawed her way out of the deepest places and fought for the light that she so desperately deserved.

That’s when she forged her iron clad spirit through the flames of struggle and decided to never again let anyone else determine who she was or what she was worth.

That truth, the one she clung to hardest when life went wrong, that’s what brought her through and always fueled her rise from the ashes.

She’s more than just a woman with a heart of gold and a spirit of fire, she’s a warrior determined never to stay down or become bitter about love.

So, no matter the storms that life brought crashing down all around her or the fire that threatened to engulf her life in flames, she always managed to find her way, keep going and stay optimistic, even when things went terribly wrong.

She wasn’t beautiful like you or me, she was gorgeous in the way that the deepest souls shine the brightest because once you got the smallest glimpse of her wondrous depths, you’d never be the same, but then, when you meet a creature like her, why would you ever want to forget a moment in time like that?

With a twinkle in her eye and a smile in her heart, she’d captivate anyone because she knew her worth…always.

And nothing or no one would ever change that.