Starting With Today.

I get that maybe some people don’t always care for my bold opinions and outspoken personality.

It’s okay. I didn’t sign up to impress anyone or ask for the approval of who I am or how I choose to live my life.

Maybe my blunt honesty and sometimes sarcastic sense of humor may offend people too, but that’s just part of my personality…I like to see the brighter side of things, and I often do that with an edgy sense of humor.

I’ll just have to live with the idea that some people don’t want to hear the truth and prefer to surround themselves with fake kindness and sugarcoated nonsense, and that’s their right and I respect that, even if I don’t agree with their outlook.

If that’s what makes me happy and helps them get through their days, then that’s all that matters.

I’m going to keep doing what I do and enjoying my life…honest, blunt and sometimes hilariously outrageous.

That’s just me.

But don’t think for a second I’ll be hanging around the people pretending to be happy doing things for all the wrong reasons in ways that aren’t real.

No thanks.

Give me the genuine, gritty souls that are brave enough to stand in their own light and forge their individual paths.

The beautiful spirits that seek happiness, help others and do the right thing, even if no one is watching.

The people that just love their best and deepest, always leaving people and places better than they found them.

That’s my tribe of hardy and amazing folks that I’m standing beside, not the crowd off chasing ridiculous ideas or terrible reasons and never really being happy.

I’ll pass.

There’s a lot of beauty in this life and so many reasons to be happy, be true to myself and be real, and I’m going to find as much of it as I can.

So, if you want to find me, look often the beaten path, away from the crowds with the people that don’t always fit in.

You’ll always catch me doing the things that make me happy…road trips, just because.

Spontaneous dance parties in the kitchen.
Having a midnight conversation about life’s wonder and depth.

In my world, the only rule is to love my life, appreciate the moments and cherish the journey because one day, we’ll all run out of time.

Might as well make the most of the chances and time we’re given…starting with love, starting with today.