Rock Bottom.

It was those times in my life when I had hit rock bottom that I discovered meant more than all the days of easy living and happy memories.

The times when I was falling apart, shredded by the very life that I had hoped would make me happy, that was when I truly found myself.

But it’s never really about what we want or where we want to go, but where we end up and the things we learn along the way if we’re paying attention.

Once I stopped burying myself in what was happening and started trying to understand why, that’s when I started to unravel the journey of my life.

I won’t tell you those times weren’t hard, because they felt like I was dying every step of the way.

They hurt worse than anything I’ve ever known, but they were necessary for my growth and evolution.

Instead of sitting back and staring at my emotional wreckage, I picked it up and did what I had never done before.

I started putting it back together and learning.

I reforged the pieces of my world out of the ashes of a broken person, each part fitting together a little better than it used to.

Those times at rock bottom, the days when I thought I couldn’t go on, those became my defining moments in a way all the success never could have.

I learned who I was and the depths of my strength and soul as I climbed out of the darkened of angst and anguish.

No matter how badly I had felt about myself, I started to see the light when I began to truly understand who I was and where I had been.

Now, when someone asks me if I could change anything about where I’ve been or what I’ve been through, all I can do is smile and say no. Because without that struggle, without those failures, I would never have been forced to become the person I’m meant to be.

I’m not there yet, for I have much still to do, see and experience, but I’m on my way, and truthfully, I may never stop evolving and growing, for that is part of my truth and my journey.

The difference is now, when I look back over the footprints I’ve left behind on the sands of life, I don’t cry with regret and sadness.

I smile with pride because I can see what I’ve overcome and know what I’ve been through.

Each footprint has left a mark on my heart and every step has grown my soul, and I can say with courage…”I overcame that.”