I Made It Through The Darkness.

Once, I would have clung to your every word and wanted nothing more than to be close to you.

Now, times have changed and the pain I once felt as you walked away from me is gone.

The stinging hurt has been replaced by something very different…numbness.

I wish things had gone differently between us, but I’ve since realized that things happen the way they are meant to. We were never going to be forever, and as hard as that was, making peace with that helped me see why I needed to focus on myself.

The pain of your loss felt so heavy that I was overwhelmed with the hurt that permeated my entire being.

Now, you’re a memory that elicits mixed feelings of regret and relief.

So, as I see your words pop up on my phone, I’m startled for a moment, seeing a blast from the past.

A myriad of emotions wash over me as the memories come flooding back, but the pain that once would have made me cry just doesn’t come, I’m where I always needed to be.

I’m done.

I’m over you.

It’s been a hard road and a lot of sleepless nights and crying uncontrollably, but I made it through the darkness to find myself once again.

I’ll never forget what we once had and the love we shared, but that all seems like a lifetime ago…a faded memory of another me.

I’m stronger because of you, and I have to thank you for who you forced me to become: I’m better, wiser and I love myself more than I ever did.

So, I smile wistfully as I see your words…How am I doing? Oh, my dear, I’m doing great. As I click “delete”, I beam with satisfaction. I’m awesome, and that’s all you’ll ever need to know.

You missed your chance with me, and I’m not looking back. My future is too bright to wait around for someone who didn’t understand just how amazing I am.

That’s okay! I know I’m amazing and in the end, that’s what really matters most.