Amazing, Resilient & Free.

She isn’t strong because that’s what she wanted to be…She didn’t choose her story, in fact, it chose her.

She holds herself together with beautiful composure and magnificent courage, for as the world thinks she has it all under control, she’s almost dying inside at every turn.

But that’s what separates her from the rest, you’ll never see her break down, lose her cool or fall apart.

The facade she has mastered is evident to everyone she meets, yet the woman who cries herself to sleep, if she can sleep at all, is a person that they would never believe exists.

To all that know her, she’s a beacon of glowing hope and strength, for her extraordinary courage in ordinary situations isn’t because she’s being heroic, well, not in the ways that anyone would think, it’s just who she is.

If people knew the struggles she has overcome, the pain she has endured and the mountains she’s climbed, they would be amazed.

The woman that falls apart behind closed doors is the same smiling face that greets the world every morning.

She hurts in ways most will never understand and braves the pain with a resolve that would bring most men to their knees, but that’s just who she is and how she lives.

She wasn’t given any other choice, so she does what she has to do to keep moving forward with a pep in her step and a light in her heart. Pain has almost wrecked her more times than she knows and still, she carries on.

She feels every broken heart and every harsh word.

The difference between her and the rest? She doesn’t let the pain break her.

She’s so many things – warrior, survivor and dreamer, but she’s so much more than that.

That’s who she is and what she will always be:
A strong woman…Amazing, resilient and free.

When all she wants to do is fall apart, she unfurls her wings and flies higher.