My Intuition.

She had finally reached that point, where feelings didn’t matter and she didn’t care anymore.

She had fought so long and so hard to save her relationship, she was more than tired…her soul was weary.

She couldn’t pour any more into the hope of working things out and finding a way to stay together.

She didn’t know why he changed or had stopped loving her the way she knew she deserved, but it was obvious to her.

He would deny it and shrug off her concerns, but her intuition told her a different story.

She couldn’t remember why things had slowly disintegrated between them, only that she felt farther away from him with each passing day.

In fact, she felt like she was only one that cared about them. He would say he did, but his actions never backed up his words.

She had finally gotten to the point where her heart had given up.

She wasn’t mad, upset or crying anymore…she was just done.

The pain was slowly going away and it was being replaced by numbness.

She couldn’t fight anymore for someone who wasn’t willing to fight for her.

She deserved better and if he wouldn’t step up, then she needed to move on, and everything she saw, knew and felt just reinforced that it was that time to seek happiness elsewhere, away from him.

She had already spent countless nights crying and even more times trying to talk to him, but he just refused to communicate.

All he did was get angry when she tried to reach out to him to work through their challenges.

No more.

She was done being verbally abused, put down and taken for granted.

It saddened her that she couldn’t even remember why they loved each other any more, only the survival mode she had been in lately.

She had a choice, either fight for someone who didn’t care or move on and find her own happiness.

So, she made the hard choice and walked away, only that he had made it easier with his nonchalance and lack of concern.

She wasn’t turning her back on him, she was turning to face the light of hope and happiness again.

It has been so long since she’d been truly happy, her tired heart welcomed the change like a breath of fresh air.

She knew it would be hard and would hurt for a while, but in the end, she valued her self respect, herself and her happiness most of all.

Maybe he’d never really see it, but she knew she was worth it. In fact, she deserved so much more than he ever gave her.

Now, she was finally done with him and opened her heart to new possibilities, and with that,
She broke free of the cage he had always tried to keep her in.

Finally, she was free to live, to love and most of all, to be happy in the way she’d always wanted.