Strength In Destruction.

The world tried to break her and destroy every last shard of the person she was…only, she had other plans.

She never meant to take the wrong turns in her life, end up in the worst places with bad people, but we don’t always know where our journey will lead us.

Truthfully, her story never gave her a choice on who she needed to become or the courage she had to find.

Yes, life did break her.

There were times when she didn’t think she could get back up and keep going.

True, she didn’t know what to do next.

But that’s the thing about hitting rock bottom, when you have nothing left and you’re out of options, you just fight back.

Claw your way out of the darkness.

Battle every day to see the light.

Dig deep and discover who you really are.

And that’s exactly what she did.

She became a warrior.

She struggled and overcame adversity.

She uncovered a strength in her destruction that she never knew she had.

Moment by moment, day by day she grew a little stronger, fought a little harder.

She couldn’t always find the light ahead of her, but she knew it was there…in the midst of her chaos, she found something beautiful: Hope, strength and courage.

With strength as her shield and fire in her heart, she slowly began to rise from the ashes of her broken life.

Scarred, bruised and cracked, she found her footing and started to stand defiantly against the life that had once destroyed her.

“Never again,” she uttered with a fiery gleam in her eyes…”Never again will I doubt who I am and what I can do.”

Some would say that in the days that followed, there was something unmistakably different about her.

She just seemed to radiate in the most beautiful ways.

Maybe they were right, or maybe she just finally became the person she was always meant to be.

Either way, the world soon discovered her most powerful truth: You can never break someone who found strength in their own destruction.

She was forged in the flames of her brokenness and reborn in the fury of her rise.

And that’s why she would always shine brightest of all.

Strong, brave and free.