Self Love.

You can’t pour from a glass that is empty and that’s why self love is so important.

If the saying is true, that we get what we give and self love isn’t in your cup. Then the love and a relationship you desire and hope for, you’ll never get. Because you’re trying to pour from that empty glass, that isn’t full of love to even give away.

If self love were like a currency exchange for something or someone’s time, you wouldn’t just give what you have to offer away for free. So why do so many people give their hearts away so easily like it isn’t as valuable as it actually is? You should protect it like the prized possession it is.

The love you have to offer someone is of value but it is only of value if you realize yourself what that cost is. It’s being able to look at a person or a situation and say “this is where someone has to meet me to be deserving of what I have to give.” If someone can’t get there or “afford it,” it isn’t your job to convince someone or persuade them that what you have to offer is of value. It is already is. It already has a cost. And you shouldn’t lower it or change it or alter it.

Self respect is walking away, if someone can’t meet you at the expectations and standards you set.

Because you only get something real and right when someone has to invest in something of theirs to earn it. And nothing in life is free and that includes love which isn’t cheap. But you’ll only have that love to give and get it reciprocated, if YOUR cup is already full of the right things.